Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

To begin with, welcome to Tea Party Bus Tour, where we believe in turning your travel dreams into reality. Before embarking on a journey with us, please take a moment to read and understand our terms and conditions. These guidelines are designed to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for every adventurer seeking new horizons.

Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Booking and Reservation

1.1. Firstly, to reserve a spot on one of our tours, a booking must be made through our website or via our customer service channels.

1.2. A deposit, as specified in the tour details, is required to secure your reservation. Full payment is due five days before the tour departure date.

1.3. We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, bank transfers, and online payment platforms. Details for each method will be provided during the booking process.

2. Cancellation and Modification

2.1. Furthermore, cancellation policies vary for each tour and are outlined during the booking process. Please review these policies before confirming your reservation.

2.2. Modifications to your reservation may be accommodated based on availability and tour-specific conditions. Moreover, contact our customer service team for assistance.

3. Tour Inclusions

3.1. The details of what is included in each tour package are specified in the tour description. Generally, our packages include accommodation, transportation, guided tours, and some meals.

3.2. Additional expenses, such as personal items, travel insurance, and certain meals, may not be included.

4. Tour Exclusions

4.1. Furthermore, our tours may exclude certain activities, attractions, or optional excursions. These exclusions will be communicated in the tour itinerary.

4.2. Any additional expenses incurred during free time or outside the scheduled activities are the responsibility of the traveler.

5. Travel Insurance

5.1. While travel insurance is not mandatory, we strongly recommend it to protect your investment. Travel insurance can cover trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and other unforeseen circumstances.

5.2. Also, it is the traveler’s responsibility to arrange suitable travel insurance coverage.

6. Health and Vaccinations

6.1. Some destinations may require specific vaccinations for entry. It is the traveler’s responsibility to consult with a healthcare professional and obtain any necessary vaccinations before departure.

6.2. Furthermore, we recommend checking with relevant health authorities for up-to-date travel health information.

7. Changes and Cancellations by Tea Party Bus Tour

7.1. While we strive to adhere to our tour itineraries, unforeseen circumstances may necessitate changes. Tea Party Bus Tour reserves the right to modify or cancel tours due to factors such as weather, natural disasters, or insufficient bookings.

7.2. In the event of a tour cancellation by Tea Party Bus Tour, travelers will be offered alternative options or a full refund.

8. Travel Documents

8.1. It is the traveler’s responsibility to ensure all required travel documents, including passports, visas, and any necessary permits, are obtained before departure.

8.2. Tea Party Bus Tour is not responsible for any issues arising from incomplete or invalid travel documents.

9. Code of Conduct:

9.1. In addition, travelers are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and considerate manner toward fellow travelers, guides, and local communities.

9.2. Tea Party Bus Tour reserves the right to remove any traveler who engages in disruptive or inappropriate behavior from the tour.

10. Limitation of Liability

10.1. Tea Party Bus Tour acts as an agent for various service providers, including hotels, transportation companies, and tour operators. Additionally, we are not liable for any loss, injury, damage, delay, or inconvenience caused by these third-party providers.

10.2. Tea Party Bus Tour is not responsible for any expenses incurred due to delays, cancellations, or changes in the itinerary beyond our control.

11. Governing Law

11.1. Additionally, these terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Tea Party Bus Tour. Also, any disputes or legal proceedings related to these terms shall be conducted within the jurisdiction of the Tea Party Bus Tour courts.

Therefore, by booking a tour with Tea Party Bus Tour, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions. Moreover, we look forward to providing you with an unforgettable travel experience filled with discovery, adventure, and cherished memories. Safe travels!