Use Binoculars To Get Closer To The Action

Those who have a love for the outdoors or travel would benefit greatly from having a pair of binoculars. Think; what it would be like to see so many of the things you love with so much clarity. Imagine seeing nature’s gifts close up, like your favorite animals, star gazing, spotting your target if you are hunting or even seeing your favorite sports heroes up close if you have got tickets to a game. Imagine the experience of feeling closer just because you have binoculars!!! The world will appear to be a whole new place.


Having said all of this, there are many considerations when choosing your binoculars. Some guidelines are:

  • The best type of binoculars to meet your personal needs
  • The binoculars magnifying power, also called the binoculars objective diameter
  • The type of lenses your binoculars will have
  • The size and fit of your binoculars so that they are comfortable for you
  • Finally the brand of the binoculars that you will select

So let’s go through our binocular checklist and give you a hand with making the perfect selection!!

1. The best type of binoculars to meet your personal needs

Have a think of your hobbies and what you do in your spare time. You certainly must have interests that could be made more enjoyable by owning a pair of binoculars. Whether you are an avid nature lover or a sports hero, each individual pair of binoculars have their own special purpose. Just like it’s not suitable or ideal to wear high heels when going to run a marathon, choosing binoculars is also a process of finding the right match between your personal needs and what you want the binoculars to deliver to you. An example would be that a bird watcher would require a different pair of binoculars to that of a tourist using a pair for leisure. Understanding your own needs and what you really want to get out of having your binoculars is the first step in selecting what’s right for you.

2. The binoculars clarifying and magnifying power, also called the binoculars objective diameter

Once you have determined why you need the binoculars, the next step in the process is to understand the quality in which a pair of binoculars clarifies and magnifies the things you are viewing. The objective diameter of the binoculars governs aspects such as the clarity of the image, the brightness of colour and whether what you are viewing is to scale and not distorted in any way. Of special importance is that objective diameter should be at least five times the binoculars magnifying power.

3. The type of lenses your binoculars will have

Added to these guidelines is the choice of lenses you will have for your binoculars. There are basically 4 main types of lenses to choose from. They are:

  • totally multi coated (the best)
  • fully coated
  • multi coated
  • just coated

What these distinctions are for is to cut out the reflections so that what you are viewing with your binoculars is as clear as possible no matter how large the image.

4. The size and fit of your binoculars so that are comfortable for you

Having distinguished the features of binoculars is one thing however how about it being comfortable for you? You may have found a pair of binoculars that has all the ‘bells & whistles’ however what if it’s the size of a telephone book!! That would not work would it now? So I guess the point here is that fit is extremely important. Whether it’s the size, the shape, the ease of use and the feeling of the grip, you want it to fit in your hands as perfectly as a glove. Like your hand and the binoculars were made for each other!!

5. Branding of your binoculars

Quality is everything and understanding up front how much you are willing to pay (setting your binocular budget) and being clear on how long you want it to last may narrow down what brand you want your new pair of binoculars to be. Like many other things you make important in your life, you expect for it to last a long time. The choice of your binoculars is no different. If you are able, choose the best brand available or at least choose from the top five. That way you can keep your interest in which you use the binoculars for, as enjoyable as possible for the longest time possible.

Remember that choosing a brand could mean a longer lasting, higher quality and durable binocular to allow you to get the most enjoyment out of its use and the very reason you decided to buy them in the first place. Gain the most benefit from your investment.

Let binoculars be the start of a better viewing experience for all occasions.

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