Tips on How to Avoid Bear Attacks

Most bear attacks are due to sows, or female bears, defending their cubs. So it’s especially important if you are out when bear cubs are you need to be extra careful when hunting to make sure to avoid cubs and their unruly mothers

Here are a few tips that may help you avoid a bear mauling:

  1. Carry a can of bear pepper spray and keep it readily available as a bear attack is often very quick, it won’t do you much good to have your pepper spray in a backpack or back at your base camp.
  2. Avoid making eye contact with the bear as they will perceive this as a threat. Also bend your needs to hunch down and stand with your side to them to appear smaller and less threatening.
  3. If you do get attacked protect your chest and also your abdominal area. This can best be done by trying to get into a fetal positions. Use your hands to protect your neck and stay sill until you are sure the bear has left.
  4. Avoid a messy camp, food items often draw bears in with their keen sense of smell it’s good to avoid making your camping area a target.

Highly recommend that checking with your state’s department of wildlife and natural resources for more information on preventing bear attacks and learning about recent bear attacks in the area. Be sure to visit their bear hunting website to obtain the guide when it’s released.

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