Duck and Goose Hunting Tips

The Advantages of using Spinning Wing Duck Decoys

Many inside the duck hunting community are at odds of the use of Duck Decoys with spinning wings. There are a few advantages of using these are far as conservation goes.

Spinning-wing decoys lure in ducks much closer which allows hunters to shoot at a much closer distance such as 15 yards. This increases the chances of a clean kill and reduces the number of cripple ducks lost that are never recovered. It also allows the duck hunter a better chance to identify species and sex of the birds before shooting. This has a very positive effect on duck conservation efforts.


Hunting for Canadian Geese

I say look for any golf course in Colorado during the season… but seriously. The essentials you will need to be a successful goose hunter are the good location, good concealment, excellent goose decoys and a good goose call. Geese are becoming more and more leery. Sometimes huge numbers of geese will take flight when just one goose gets startled. having good quality decoys are essential as are a goose collection of reeds and of course good camouflage clothing. Canadian goose hunting is becoming more and more popular and with limits of 3 or more birds a day. Hunters don’t have to be as aware of migration routes to find good hunting areas as there are plenty of great locations all through North America.

Hunting for Snow Geese

Hunters don’t have time for scouting marshes off-season to find the best places to erect geese hunting blinds. Few hunters know how to follow the migration patterns, learning different species of ducks and where they stop at different times of the year. This’s why hunters hire duck and geese hunting guides. Hunters should carefully select a guide or service based on references. Good duck guides help hunters go home with a full limit of ducks. If the trophy is and important part of the hunting trip, then guided duck hunts are worth the fees.

Professional duck and goose hunting guides typically supply transport, blinds and a boat for duck retrieval. They may even help call the ducks in. Ask the hunting guides how many kills they’ve had in previous years. Hundreds of 1,000′s of snow geese travel through the mid-America States on their migration. Snow geese hunting offers a hunter quite a challenge. Snow geese hunters should attempt to lure geese into the field using decoys.

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